The Coaching Hour minute is a weekly video series that provides insights and perspectives on being effective in business. Hosted by Certified Coach Jason Jones.

You may be missing a skill that is overlooked in just about every sales and communication training.  And developing this skill can get you further than developing your speaking ability.  What that skill is and how to develop it next in our coaching hour minute.

Hi, this is Jason jones from the coaching hour and that skill is listening. Every sales training I have ever done focuses all of its time around what you should say and how to overcome objections with great persuasive come backs. In the training they will tell you that should listen closely as well. The truth is that the best sales people in the world have mastered asking open ended questions and then focus their listening to understand the other persons problems or dilemma. If you understand the other person what you speak about will be what is important to them. And then Trust and rapport will show up quickly as few people really make an effort to listen to understand the other person. They are too busy thinking of what they are going to say next. You can start developing this skill by setting aside all the chatter in your brain while people talk and just focus on understanding without opinion what the other person is communicating. It will be difficult at first and then as your practice it you will discover how quickly you can form a connection with someone.  If you want to accelerate this process you can enroll in one of the coaching hours interactive workshops on listening at our website the coaching hour dot com. If you would like the coaching hour minute and want us to send it to you just follow the link in the description or visit thecoachinghour dot com to sign up. I’m Jason Jones for the Coaching Hour.