The Coaching Hour minute is a weekly video series that provides insights and perspectives on being effective in business. Hosted by Certified Coach Jason Jones.

Why does it seem like no matter what we try we can’t seem to get a handle on managing our time? It may be time to manage something else in order to achieve the results we want. Getting a handle on our time is next on the coaching hour minute

I’m Jason Jones with the Coaching Hour and it may feel like you’re in a race you can never win because there is never enough time to do everything that needs to be done. Consider that putting your focus on managing your time doesn’t actually impact what you get done. Time is static, it doesn’t change. We have 24 hours every day and 7 days every week. It’s the tasks we put in our time that creates the experience of too much, not enough and more. Mastery over time comes from a practice in prioritization. When you get clear on the actual time activities take and expand your capacity by asking for help and maintaining an organized environment you will start seeing results. Getting a handle on your tasks can create a completely different experience of your time and is something you can actually manage. Complaining about not having enough time most often is the result of no planning, unrealistic planning or avoidance of choosing priorities. Managing tasks and relationships over time is a skill that can be developed like any other and coaching can help you develop it faster. If you want to receive the coaching hour minute in your email click the link in the description or visit the coaching hour dot com. If you want to coach around how to maximize your time just contact me. For the The Coaching Hour I’m Jason Jones