The Coaching Hour minute is a weekly video series that provides insights and perspectives on being effective in business. Hosted by Certified Coach Jason Jones.

Are you looking for someone to pop your balloon? If it seems like you have a great idea until someone doesn’t like it, maybe you’re asking the wrong questions to determine the potential success of an idea. Better questions, better results is next in our Coaching Hour minute.

Hi, I’m Jason Jones with the coaching hour and When you get a new idea that you think is great and has legs only to find out that other people you share it with don’t get as excited as you or just don’t like it what do you do? Toss the idea at the first sign of resistance? Nobody liked the Colonel’s idea for making Kentucky fried chicken and he went around selling the idea for years, nobody liked the idea of spanx either until a persistent Sara Blakely finally got a meeting and showed what she was doing which launched a multi-million dollar project. There is even a guy who earns over 10 thousand dollars a month selling raw potatoes with messages written on them.  So instead of the question: what do you think of this idea?  Consider Asking: is there a market for this idea? Who’s problem does this idea solve and how big is the niche. People become millionaires with ideas that were once considered crazy don’t miss your chance just because someone doesn’t like it. If you want to receive this series in your email just click the link in the description or go the coaching hour dot com and sign up. Until next time, I’m Jason Jones with the coaching hour.