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Why is it so important to have a niche in business?  Isn’t it enough for people just to know what I do?

A perspective on those two questions are next in this week’s Coaching Hour Minute.

I’m Jason Jones with the Coaching Hour and Having a niche is everything in today’s marketplace because this is how people know if you can help them or not.  A niche is less about what you do and more about who you serve.  For example, My niche is coaching and training with solo-preneurs in the service industry who want to earn six figures.  That sounds narrow yet I focus it even more. I work with people in the creative services like interior designers, graphic artists, web designers and marketing consultants coaches and speakers.  A niche tells people who you help specifically.  People like to work with people who know like and understand them and their problems.  My niche gives me an audience to focus my marketing and sales efforts.  I look for where these professions gather to be visible and available.  The more work I do in this small group or niche the more known I become which results in clients seeking me out.  If a person markets to everyone they are essentially marketing to no one.  Get specific and flourish.  

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