The Coaching Hour minute is a weekly video series that provides insights and perspectives on being effective in business. Hosted by Certified Coach Jason Jones.

Are you self-employed and feeling disillusioned by how hard you work for what you earn? We look at what might be missing in your business model next in today’s coaching hour minute.  

I’m Jason Jones with the coaching hour and I want you to know that if you struggle to keep clients or the kind of money you want flowing in You’re not alone.  90% of self-employed entrepreneurs struggle to earn six figures and it likely has more to do with their business model than their knowledge for capability.  It may be that you don’t have a compelling offer.  One that is tailored to specific audience to solve an urgent problem.  Think of the last time you bought pain reliever.  When you walked down the aisle and looked at the sea of pill bottles and boxes they all said pain reliever and they all said something else.  They said headache, backache, migraine….  They are marketing an acute solution to an acute problem.  Once a person buys it they will likely take their headache medicine for other pains not associated with their head.  Just like your business.  Attract the client with a specific solution and once they are engaging with you they can discover all of the other wonderful things you can do.  

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