The Coaching Hour minute is a weekly video series that provides insights and perspectives on being effective in business. Hosted by Certified Coach Jason Jones.

Have you invented your future or you are going to take what you get when you show up there? 

You may not be enjoying the success you want because of what you tell yourself about your future.  

How to avoid that pitfall is next on the The Coaching Hour Minute

Stories we tell ourselves about what we think is possible influences the decisions we make.  Brian David Johnson, a futurist at Arizona State University’s Center for Science and Imagination recently spoke in a story for public radios Marketplace Morning report.  He said that he has learned that way you change the future is you change the story you tell yourself about the future you will live in.  If your story is that you’re going to build a successful multi-million dollar business and you keep taking actions toward that goal, even if your current circumstances don’t support that idea you are much more likely to have that future than if you story is you can never have a business that successful because of the competition, the market, the customers etc.  I invite you to create a powerful story about your future that inspires you and then keep taking actions toward it and see what happens. 

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