How exactly does one identify one’s niche in the market? A niche is made up of three things.

  1. First, it’s WHO is your target market. You need an in-depth
    understanding of that market, however, not a passing one. This is a common mistake that many entrepreneurs make.
  2. Once you have that in-depth understanding of your target market, you can find out what they’re struggling with, their PROBLEMS.
  3. You can then figure out how to solve that problem, these are the rock-star RESULTS you and your business can provide for your clients.

Once you get all of these critical three niche components right, magic happens. The components of a juicy, client attractive copy have been born. You now have enough information to create:

  • your elevator speech
  • juicy copy for your website
  • your marketing materials
  • a great speech
  • advertisements for Facebook, Google or the press
  • pretty much everything else you need…

Really – these 3 critical ingredients are all you need for the framework to all your marketing and messaging.