A niche is never really done. It evolves slowly over time. Ideally, it clarifies, gets sharper, follows market trends and is a living, breathing entity that moves with a healthy company.

So there is always value in assessing if your niche is growing with you.

Here are 6 smart niche moves to help you grow your business, plus guidelines on when to use each move, and the benefits you can expect.

6 Smart Niche Moves

Niche-Sharpening Move

When to Use It


  • Use your elevator speech (basic messaging) at every opportunity


  • Watch for market reaction, and adjust your language for maximum impact.
  • Attract new clients.
  • Hire 2-3 beta clients

If you are just starting out with a new niche.

  • Great for testing out your offerings.
  • Get testimonials.
  • Get referrals.
  • Get reference accounts.
  • Great for starting your own fan club.
  • Referral letter

[Early business] When you are certain you have chosen your niche.

[Late business] When you have been in business a while and assume everyone knows what you do.

  • This is an easy way to make sure lots of people know about what you are doing and how to send referrals to you. A must for everyone.
  • Research (informal)

It is helpful to call prospects and past clients to understand their problems and desires. This ensures you design services that truly serve. them.  It will help you speak your market’s language too!

  • Understand your target market.
  • Sharpen up your messaging.
  • Design great services for your market.
  • Easy to do – just call your clients and prospects
  • Research (formal)

When you have an established client base and want confirmation on what they need and want most.

  • Provide statistical data to help you understand your target market.
  • Sharpen up your messaging.
  • Refine your product offerings.

6. Get new clients


  • Signing new clients relatively easily is an excellent confirmation that your niche is working. It is your “proof” that you are doing the right things.