Ever wondered why you are not getting the results you want from digital marketing? Our Featured Presenter Chris Edwards shares how!

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Topic: Why You Need to Be Using Digital Marketing In Your Business

Have you considered using digital marketing your business? If you aren’t you may want to reconsider. With using digital marketing the right way you could possibly drive your market to your front door.

• How Google Search works

• The most important things that affect a business’s rank in Google Search

• The challenges that face small businesses against larger businesses

• Kinds of digital ads — Pros and Cons

• Website Analytics — what can it tell you about visitors to your site

• Tools that can help a business gain insight into its website/business

Presenter: Chris Edwards

Chris Edwards has worked in media and advertising for 25 years where he specialized in marketing strategy and data analysis.  He has worked as Research Director for such companies as Nielsen Media Research, CBS Television, Time Warner, Scripps Media and Cox Communications.  For most of those 25 years, Chris has worked with local businesses helping them create effective marketing campaigns based on data—not on sizzle. 

After roughly 20 years of working in traditional marketing and media, Chris took his skills and talents and made the leap to digital media.  He will be the first to tell you that making that transition was not easy.  That’s what makes Chris such a valuable teacher.  He’s gone through all the growing pains of trying to understand how digital marketing works.  The best thing is that Chris is able to translate all the digital jargon into the English language so that we all can understand the pros and cons of digital marketing and how it can help you utilize it to market your products and services.

When: Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Time: 2 pm – 4 pm

Location: Star Bank