Time: 4 PM – 5:30 PM
Date:  Wednesday April 11, 2018
Location:  Star Bank
                 250 Prairie Center Dr,
                 Eden Prairie, MN 55344

Did you know you had a hidden superpower? It’s called resilience! Resilience is our ability to bounce back when bad things happen, including stress. The good news is resilience is actually a set of skills that can be developed. There’s lots more good news Nancy can’t wait to share!

Understand the key components of resilience, backed by research, and why it’s so critical for thriving, not merely surviving, in today’s complex, fast paced world.

Work with, not against, your biology, to manage your stress in the moment to restore function-because stress is unlikely to go away anytime soon.

Create your personal resilience toolkit and walk away with a few easy techniques to restore focus, productivity, and wellness at work or at home.

4:00 PM Open Networking
4:15 PM Introductions
4:40 PM Featured Attendee interview 
4:45 PM Featured Presenter 
5:15 PM Open Networking
5:30 PM End 

Featured Presenter: Nancy Maxfield-Wilson, M.S., M.A, CPC

Nancy Maxfield-Wilson, M.S., M.A, CPC, is founder of Max Performance, LLC, a resilience-building company. She has a uniquely blended background in science, change leadership, and performance athletics, and enjoys working with both sides of her brain. A chronically injured competitive athlete who had to learn resilience herself, she empowers busy leaders by maximizing performance, wellness, and happiness through the science of the mind-body system. She worked as a scientist, leader, and change consultant in the medical device and biotech industries. Max Performance builds resilient, healthy leaders and organizations through coaching, training, and consulting. Resilience is about thriving, not just surviving, in an increasingly complex, ambiguous, rapidly changing, and stressful world.