The Coaching Hour Team

The Coaching Hour team brnigs over 50 years of sales experience, 50 years of leadership experience, 30 years of coaching experience, 20 years in mass communiations, marketing and entertainment, and over 30 years of relationship managmet to inform our methods and systems.  We bring the knowldge and experience that can transform large organizations and individuals.  Our team has experienced the wild success of Adaptive Conversation sales and the discouragemnt of the bad days of inneffective behaviors.  We know the time constraints and the need for professional development to be easy to buy into, easy to adopt and practical in its results. 

The Coaching Hour is committed to developing business and sales professionals with the clarity, skills, and personal awareness to help become someone people love to buy from.  We use cutting edge methodologies rooted in psychology, brain science and time tested application that develop productive behaviors.  The result is personal and financial success. 


Jason Jones, CEC ACC
Communication & Performance Coach


Jason Jones is a certified business coach and speaker who is committed to developing sales teams and professional solo entrepreneurs to sell more services at higher rates with less effort.   He started his first business at age 16 which paid for 4 years of college and set him on a path of innovating ever since.    His previous start-up ventures involved communications media and entertainment including a number one rated radio morning show and talk show on WCCO radio in Minneapolis, MN..  His previous coaching and training company went global in two years and now serves the US, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom.  Jason is certified by The Royal Roads University and the International Coaching Federation.  His coaching and training programs focus on the implementation of proven methods and support necessary to develop professionals for a lifetime of success.  

Vince Crawford


Vince Crawford draws from the research to develop and facilitate The Coaching Hours training and development programs for sales leaders and executives.

He is a graduate of Johns Hopkins and Duke Universities and enjoyed a 33-year career with the US Department of Veterans Affairs. For over two decades he served America’s veterans as Director of the Sioux Falls (SD) VA Medical Center and Regional Office, as the Director of Mental Health for the Upper Midwest Veterans Integrated Service Network, as Director of the St. Paul VA Regional Office, and most recently as an executive trainer.

During his executive career, he served as a preceptor for postgraduate fellows and senior government executive mentorees, as well as teaching leadership and management courses in the classroom. He served as dean of the faculty of VBA’s national Division Leadership and Management Training program from 2005 to 2011, and he taught undergraduate and graduate school business courses through the University of Phoenix for ten years. His experience also includes managing large scale transformational change in both healthcare and non-healthcare organizations. In recent years he has concentrated increasingly on executive coaching, management consulting and teaching.

Vince currently serves as a leadership consultant and researcher for The Coaching Hour.