Jason Jones CEC ACC
Business Coach and Founder

Jason Jones is a certified business coach and speaker who is committed to developing sales teams and professional solo entrepreneurs to sell more services at higher rates with less effort.   

He started his first business at age 16 which paid for 4 years of college and set him on a path of innovating ever since.    His previous start-up ventures involved communications media and entertainment including a number one rated radio morning show and talk show on WCCO. 

The Entertainment Experience (his previous coaching and training company) went global in two years and now serves the US, Canada, Australia and the UK.  Jason is certified by The Royal Roads University and the International Coaching Federation.  His coaching and training programs focus on the implementation of proven business tactics and support necessary to develop solo entrepreneurs and sales for a lifetime of success. 

Sarah Kowal
Business Mentor & Trainer

Sarah Kowal, Coaching Hour Business Mentor and founder of Right Now Enterprises, learned entrepreneurship at the early age of 10 by working for her dad- an auctioneer, antique dealer, and realtor.  He put food on the table for four children by “hustling” (as he called it) every day.  Through high school, she worked different jobs in retail, food service, hospitality and was even a gardener and personal assistant.  Sarah really loved the gardening part so she went on to study horticulture.  In her junior year of college, Sarah was promoted to General Manager at her local food coop.

Sarah had no business managing a store.  Her resourcefulness and tenacity saved the day.  She used every resource available to her: the board treasurer who was also a professor in economics, the store’s accountant, the bookkeeper, other store managers in different parts of the state, past consultant notes that she found in the archives and a cooperative grocery financial benchmark book that became her Bible. 

Sarah took that store from over a decade of flat or declining growth to a 30% increase in less than a year.  From there, Sarah was propelled into a retail career that includ­ed man­ag­ing stores for major pre­mi­um retail­ers (Star­bucks and Eddie Bauer to name a few), flip­ping under­per­form­ing busi­ness­es, being hon­ored by the Nation­al Cheese Soci­ety for her inno­v­a­tive and cre­ative busi­ness plan for her start­up, Weath­er­Vane Cream­ery, Sarah Kow­al cre­at­ed Right Now Enter­pris­es to unique­ly serve spe­cial­ty store­front retail­ers with her skills, game-chang­ing tools, and resources that she picked up along her way. 

Now having Right Now Enterprises allows her to be the 360-degree resource for others that she never had.  Sarah is able to support business managers and owners whether a business is underperforming, at a plateau, growing, or wants to take full advantage of short term opportunities.

Accomplishments include:

  • Over thir­ty years of sales expe­ri­ence (retail, direct, busi­ness to business)
  • Over fif­teen years of food ser­vice and retail man­age­ment expe­ri­ence with pre­mi­um retail­ers earn­ing top cor­po­rate recog­ni­tion for increas­ing sales, prof­itabil­i­ty, build­ing teams, sur­pass­ing goals, and com­mu­ni­ty involvement
  • Over eight years of plan­ning, nego­ti­at­ing, pur­chas­ing, and inven­to­ry man­age­ment with local and nation­al ven­dors that con­sis­tent­ly result­ed in high turnover rates and increased sales
  • First­hand knowl­edge of star­tups includ­ing crowd­fund­ing, investor pitch­ing, social media mar­ket­ing, and busi­ness planning

David Craig Utts, MS
Executive Coach

David Craig Utts, MS is an executive coach with the coaching hour and makes a difference by facilitating a path to mastery for sales professionals and coaching the leaders who need to inspire them.   He is known for coaching C-suite executives, business owners and mission drive entrepreneurs to produce extraordinary results in becoming someone that effectively guides and inspires teams to be engaged, productive and effective. David’s proprietary leader development system is proven guide and empower C-suite executives, business owners, and entrepreneurs to turn their visions into reality.  David has 38 years of experience in business serving as a keynote speaker, an executive advisor, leadership coach, and meeting facilitator and sales professional.  

Martin DeMarte CRP


Martin spent the majority of his professional career managing business relationships in a highly complex, emotional and competitive market serving a client base that ranged from the Fortune 100 to 5000.  He has a depth of knowledge in every aspect of the real estate industry and will be focusing on helping agents take their business to six figures and beyond.  He is a highly motivated business strategist and client advisor with demonstrated expertise in client relations, start-up, strategic planning and implementation, budgeting and finance, leadership.   He has the unique ability to move freely from the strategic/conceptual design into the details of processes, procedures, and guidelines. He has excelled at developing strong individual contributors and leading high performing cross-functional teams. 


Jon Halleen, MA


Jon works with sales teams and their leaders to facilitate the mastery of the sales conversation,  He is the principal researcher, content developer, and facilitator at The Coaching Hour.  He is focused on developing methods to learn a path to sales mastery through the art and science of influence in conversations.  He applies principles from Behavioral Psychology, Social Psychology, Counseling Psychology, Organizational Psychology, Positive Psychology, Sociology, and Neuroscience.

Following several years as a clinical therapist, Jon transitioned to business. After extensive work in sales and sales management, he refocused his capabilities to organizational consulting, sales training, customer experience, and human potential coaching.

Jon holds undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Sociology, and a graduate degree in Educational and Counseling Psychology.