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Finding Your Niche In A Haystack

Okay, so you’re a good writer. You’re creative, outdoorsy, a mother, a cook, a quilter, a businesswoman. You have an entire life of jobs and achievements and experiences under your belt. You can do everything. And here some irritating person is demanding that you tell...

The Most Basic Business Building Question Of All

I am going to get back to basics today. There is so much noise and energy given to all the hot business building strategies (You have heard them! Things like Facebook Ads, digital marketing, on-line launch formula, LinkedIn data mining etc.) It is easy for many newer...

Niche-Sharpening Moves and When to Use Them

A niche is never really done. It evolves slowly over time. Ideally, it clarifies, gets sharper, follows market trends and is a living, breathing entity that moves with a healthy company. So there is always value in assessing if your niche is growing with you. Here are...


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