Praise & Acknowledgements

Sarah Kowal Right Now Enterprises

“All of my experiences leading up to hiring Jason and joining his Top 6 Mastermind Business Coaching Program were very professional. I could tell by his website, follow up, marketing tools, and by the mutual connections that we had, that I could trust Jason and that he had something to offer me. In the first Mastermind meeting, he provided the exact feedback and coaching that I needed on a topic that I had been struggling with in my business. In the first two weeks of working with him and, as a direct result of working with him, I had more qualified leads than in the previous two YEARS. His coaching is very spot on and I definitely recommend him and his programs!”
Right Now Enterprises

Marnie Swenson MJFotography Inc.

“I reached out to Jason for help working through some hurdles in running my small business. What I am getting are insights into my behavior that effect much more than just my business.   For me it has been invaluable working with Jason and something I will continue to do. Whether you meet with Jason one time or on an ongoing basis it will be worth your time!”   Marnie Swenson Owner/Photographer  MJFotography, Inc.

Christopher Marshall - Graphic Artist

“I have nothing but praise for my experience with Jason Jones and The Coaching Hour. In our case, he seems to have an instinctive ability to conjure order out of the muddy chaos of a business startup. His coaching has empowered our our team with positive momentum and significantly improved organizational development. He has guided us towards the much needed discipline and focus required to bring our vision to its full realization. I believe his contributions have been and still are instrumental in our successful development and launch. I would recommend The Coaching Hour for any organization that is looking to optimize and stimulate their human assets and to help in skillfully navigating the sometimes murky waters of interpersonal dynamics.”

Matt Palmer - Artist

“When Jason told me he was going to start coaching as a profession, I just had to smile. Jason is a long time friend and, as long as I’ve known him, he has always been a life coach and cheerleader for everything I’ve taken on. He’s helped me through some rough times too and I know my life is better for having known him. It’s great to know he’s getting paid for what comes naturally and he just keeps getting better.”

Mitch Taylor - Sales Maestro at Sales is Solutions

“Jason Jones IS the Coaches Coach. Jason can help you grow far beyond where you are today. This is your business. This is your life. You have one shot to make it the BEST it can be and with Jason’s expert guidance and coaching you will grow far beyond where you are currently. The Coaching Hour isn’t some inspirational, pie in the sky message. It’s a real world, hold your feet to the fire, get it done process. I’m very thankful to have studied under Jason’s expert tutelage and know that you will benefit greatly from having the experience of being coached by one of the best.”   Mitch Taylor Sales Maestro  Sales is Solutions

Courtny R Sebo Esq. - Excelsior Law Firm

“I highly recommend Jason Jones’ business and success coaching services. He is fantastic. He is highly analytical and helps business owners take their businesses to the next level. He is very professional and confidential. He knows how to help business owners set goals and keeps them on task. He helps business owners make their businesses more tangible. He also helps business owners learn to communicate with intention and focus in order to achieve results. Working with Jason will ensure that you are an efficient and effective networker. I definitely recommend Jason Jones as a business and success coach.”   Courtney R Sebo Esq. Estate Planning Atorney Excelsior Law Firm L.L.C.

Brenda Gauvin-Chadwick CPO-CD

“What a relief! Working with Jason Jones as a coach helped me bring my business to the next level. He listened carefully to what I said and asked excellent questions that allowed me to explore many options. This process helped me come to a conclusion that supported my mission statement for my business. I should have worked with Jason sooner!”
Certified Professional Organizer

Lori Henning - 2 Smart Women

“Life changing and business accelerating is how I would describe my first coaching session with Jason. I have worked with other coaches who have helped me to discover roadblocks to success, but Jason actually helped me to overcome those roadblocks to make immediate change. He has a gift that allowed him to hone on a limiting belief that I had, develop an actionable step to take to overcome it and then HE HELD ME ACCOUNTABLE to what my desired outcome was. When I met the outcome to my level of satisfaction, he challenged me to move even further beyond and that was the point where my beliefs and attitudes changed and opportunities began to be recognized. Jason is brilliant at what he does. If you know you have great potential and for some reason are not capturing that potential YOU MUST MEET JASON.”   Lori Henning  2 Smart Women

Marilyn Orr, BSc, MA, CEC, PCC at Capacity Building Coaching LLC

“Jason brings a wonderful combination of high energy and high intuition to his coaching.
He has the ability to help you drill down to the core issue quickly and help you move to the most appropriate actions to move forward.
Whether you are wanting to increase sales or wrestle with an internal block Jason will ask you relevant, powerful questions to help you meet your goals.”
Executive Coach

Alan Marshall - Performance Artist

“Jason is committed to helping others through coaching, He has the experience and knowledge to draw out of by drilling down to what is important to you to help you discover the solution for the challenges you have. The best analogy I can think of is he has the ability to help you to fish without giving you the fish, through this process you are able to expand your own thinking. Jason is an expert coach & trainer who has helped many through personal coaching & through workshops. Want to advance your business & personal life you need a coach, that coach is Jason Jones.” Alan Marshall Alan Marshall Celebrations