Workshop Kudos

“Thoroughly enjoyed my time in the workshop and came away with some great revelations that should help both my personal and my professional life.”

Dave Ternier  –  Verdin, Manitoba CA

Workshop Kudos

“I can’t begin to put a value on the perspective I have gained by attending, in both my personal and business roles. Well done Jason. I am officially a fan.”

Donny Lovering  –  Ancastor Ontario, CA

Workshop Kudos

“Thank you for the great workshop and the next skills that I can take my consultation.”

Rob Ferre – Salt Lake City, UT

Workshop Kudos

“If you are thinking of doing Jason’s course, then don’t think twice. Money well spent.”
Matt Jefferies  –  Melbourne, Australia

How to Hear “Yes” More Often

The Workshop on Listening 

Here is what you will learn!
  • Discover how you listen and don’t listen
  • Learn the 3 levels of listening & how to listen to understand
  • Learn how to hear what a person is trying to say or ask for
  • Learn techniques to slip into active listening at will
  • Learn how to practice active listening to develop far beyond the workshop

Here are the results you can produce!  


  • You get to focus more on playing than selling
  • Prospects experience you as the expert and more valuable
  • Sales gets easy
  • More prospects say yes
  • Customers experience a higher level of satisfaction from your service

3 hour Interactive Workshop

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