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Complaints that Drive Innovation

Have you left a meeting thinking you’ve got the sale or the project, only to find out the prospect is not interested in moving forward? Do you think back to what you might have said wrong? This is extremely common, but it is not caused by what you might think. It is caused by how we humans are wired to think. And surprisingly, the answer to this problem lies in the complaint itself.

This requires reading people on an elevated scale. There are techniques that can help you start hearing yes more often. Once mastered, it can become like a super power of influence. Professional coach and trainer, Jason Jones explores the core problem in our communication and lays out actionable techniques that can inspire mastery. Open new opportunities to improve and innovate.


  • How to hear the opportunity in complaints 
  • The key signals most often missed when reading other people
  • What gets in the way of knowing what people want
  • How to say right thing (at least, most of the time)
  • How to have people tell you everything you need to know to help them

Length: 60 minutes

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Break Out Sessions:

How to Hear Yes More Often:

The workshop on developing trust and influence

In this 2 hour workshop participants discover what is getting in the way of hearing what is most important to prospects and team members.  They will get the tools to lead them toward mastery of the ability to understand people and what motivates them.  

They discover what they miss in conversations and how to capture those lost opportunities with new skill and awareness.  This breakout workshop begins the mastery process to focus listening. 


  • Discover what gets in the way of your listening and how to manage it.
  • Learn the 3 levels of listening & how to listen to understand people
  • Learn how to hear what is most important to a person
  • Learn techniques to win trust and rapport in minutes
  • Learn how to ask the questions that will have people share everything you need to know

Length: 2-3 hours

Conversations that Engage Inspire and Lead

Managers are being asked to not only know how to get projects done with their team they are now being asked to be be inspirational to get an engaged team.  How do you do that if you don’t think of yourself as inspirational.  The answer lies in coaching conversations.  Leaders who use coaching conversations with their teams experience greater engagement, higher morale. less turnover, less drama and less time spent solving problems for people.  These leaders spend more time evaluating solutions brought forward by an engaged team and cranking out tasks and projects.  Influence does not come from a title or position it comes from a powerful conversation.  Jason shares stories, tools and exercises that illustrate the power of a coach approach to communication and difference it can make for you and the people you lead.


  • How coaching conversations develop people to lead themselves
  • How collaborative leadership expands your influence and what can be accomplished
  • How coaching conversations put individual performance development at the forefront
  • How a coaching culture engages people in work that is mission driven by tapping their intrinsic motivations
  • Two essential coaching tools participants can use for life.

Length: 2-3 hours