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The Top 6 Mastermind is the most effective and affordable means for service professionals to learn and implement savvy business practices that will lead them to six figures!


Entrepreneurs dream the big dreams and take on manifesting the impossible!  They are creative, constantly test their courage and make the world a better place with their innovations and solutions! 
Sadly, most entrepreneurs struggle and fail to thrive. Did you know that as few as 10 percent of entrepreneurs ever achieve 6 figures  in the United States? That is surprising and discouraging.  
Revenue does not equate take home pay.  Too many business owners are not getting the promise of more money and time as they progress in their own business.  
At the Coaching Hour we have watched entrepreneurs:
  • Be great in their field and struggle from a lack of business building skills.  
  • Focus on making a difference for people, but constantly struggle to find enough clients.
  • Work hard to build their business, and yet unknowingly put their energy and money into strategies that don’t work for them. So sad!
  • Struggle to prioritize and find the best strategies that will actually get results
  • Live with isolation and loneliness when can often cause “get stuck” and failure to keep taking actions.  
  • Have a huge need for proven business-building strategies that get results, usually in niche and messaging, client attraction, pricing, packaging, scaling and staffing.
What is it that the top 6% of entrepreneurs have that allows them to thrive?  These entrepreneurs enjoy an abundance of personal and financial freedom while joyfully making a huge impact on the world.  This is the Top 6 Club.  

“If you want to be (or already are) in this elite group of the Top 6 percent of thriving entrepreneurs please read on, this is for you.”


The Coaching Hour Top 6 Club is especially designed to accelerate those entrepreneurs who are ready to play big.  
In the many years of start-ups, Coaching Hour Founder Jason Jones often searched the web for help, for answers to focus on the right priorities, get a message that resonates, package offerings that are easy to buy and choose the most effective marketing methods etc.  He picked up bits and pieces and began to develop a program of all the missing pieces when he discovered Top 6.  This is the program he wish he had 20 years ago.  This is the most effective program available today and it is delivered by The Coaching Hour.  
This program is the result of years of creating workable, practical, implementable solutions to these problems for you. So you can minimize or avoid the predictable roadblocks you will encounter.
This is the perfect environment to rapidly grow an entrepreneur that combines training, development of a resilient and confident mindset, support, a community and enough time to implement the essentials you learn about yourself, your 
customer and your business.
This Rare Coaching Hour Top 6 mastermind program is available to you right now.  This program will set you on a path to success since working hard on the right things in the right order brings the success you deserve.  

Is the Coaching Hour Top 6 Club right for you?

If you see yourself in this profile then you will really thrive in The Coaching Hour Top 6 Club.

You are:

  • Motivated and determined
  • Talented in your field, or willing to learn fast
  • Earning less than $250,000 in revenue right now
  • Building a service-based business
  • Not already supported by business coaches (eg. Network marketing and MLM)
  • Willing to invest in your business and personal success
  • Able to control your own pricing and packaging of services
  • Willing and committed to do what it takes to put yourself out there, play a bigger game and finally build a successful business

Are You Ready to surprise yourself by how successful you can be?

If you want to know more about joining our Coaching Hour Top 6 Club, we would love to talk with you.
Contact us at 651 646 8283 or jason@thecoachinghour.com 

Achieve Your Entrepreneurial Dreams!

On Average we know that 90% of business startup fail to rise to the occasion.  
That is where The Coaching Hour comes in. As a business coaching and training company, we assist entrepreneurs – potential, new and seasoned – giving them the instruction and coaching they need to succeed and excel in their field.
Our mastermind program for entrepreneurs provide exceptional training and support, giving budding entrepreneurs a fighting chance to grow in today’s competitive economy.
Relying on the battle-tested experience of professional business coaches in the entrepreneurial field, we enable members of our elite Top 6 Club, to push forward with their own independence and success.
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What our members believe

These words below are syntheses of who our members are, what they stand for and what they believe. If this resonates with you – we really hope you Join our Club