Adaptive Conversation Selling System

To succeed in the age of distraction the sales professional must become adaptive to maximize every encounter!  

Adaptive Conversation Selling System

The Coaching hour has created a selling system derived from proven behavioral, cognitive, social, and brain science research …  which improves modern selling practices. The process is interactive, and like a conversation it is easy to understand and follow.  Sellers are empowered to help buyers make choices for great buying experiences.  
The sales professional learns the “science and art” of influence and persuasion by increasing interpersonal awareness, asking the right questions, listening for both agreement and objection, and constructing alignment between the problem and the solution.  For you to create buyers you must understand the balance between emotion and thinking.


Adaptive Sales System

We adapt the best sales behavior practices and tools to your best practices creating a ‘real world’ sales process for your team to follow and master.  This gives you the behaviors to coach to that will produce the sales results you are looking for to starting making your sales results more predictable.  

Adaptive Conversation Inteligence

Using methods derived from behavioral and social scientific research we equip sales professionals with the tools to be able to powerfully deal with anything that comes up in the sales conversation. The sales professional can remain calm and address issues with confidence while moving the sale forward to a sale.  


Integration & Improvement

Every system must be reinforced through repetition to receive the full value of its design.  The Coaching hour coaches to behavioral metrics to support sales professionals to develop their conversational agility which makes their work easier and more enjoyable while increasing sales results over time.  

“Given what we are learning from behavioral and social science, it is time to massively upgrade sales practices. We are discovering from the science that we have made the sales conversation too hard. We are bombarded by thousands of books, tips and tricks and static models that offer endless uncorrelated activities do not support the consistent, predictable sales success we all desire. Our mission at TCH is to bring greater ease and success to sales professions so that they can grow their sales by serving the deeper needs of their prospects and customers.”